Domestic credit financing insurance also known as Domestic Credit Insurance Financing was assured the bank insurance company against the risk of commercial transactions, in particular in the takeover of domestic bills for customers who the Bill has given domestic transaction limit. The object of the protection from Domestic Credit Insurance Financing Scheme namely the Bill of sale that comes from domestic buyers with payment terms of Futures Risk incurred

  1. Insolvency/Bankruptcy
  2. Tort, namely the failure of the payment from the buyer (via the seller’s account) on the Bank at maturity and nonpayment is not due to the fault of the seller

As for the criteria of local sales transactions that could be funded include:

  1. The transaction between buyer and seller has been going on for at least 1 year and never default
  2. Clients domiciled in Indonesia and have a business license and other documents in accordance with the provisions in force;
  3. The Bill comes with invoice;
  4. At the time of financing goods have been sent within the period not exceeding 6 weeks;
  5. The Bill did not come from the export of services, brokerage, consignment goods;
  6. The buyer is a bona fide buyers and sellers by rating of the insurance company;
  7. The tenor of the Bill the maximum 180 days from the date of the B/L.
  8. Tercover Bill value in the invoice;
  9. Currency of negotiation is IDR or USD or currencies mentioned in the decision of the Limit of Coverage (KLP).

Indemnification in case of losses caused by one of the commercial risk above, then the insurance company will indemnify a maximum of 85% of the losses (not including interest and penalty). Terms of Payment and the Tenor of Domestic Credit Insurance Policy Payments Financing has been designed in such a way as to protect the bank, so that it can meet the demand of the customer, which uses a method of payment in addition to the non-LC, with a maximum term of time (tenor) 180 days from the date of payment of the Bill of Lading (b/l) (date of delivery).