ABOUT US – Makutha Cooperation is one of the lines of business of PT Brahmakutha Junarto Handayani (

Makutha Cooperation concentrate in providing Financial Assurance Services (Financial Guarantee) that suits your business.

Started servicing since February 2018, Makutha Cooperation always strives to provide the best services with emphasizing on the principle of “0% complain”.

The Benefits Of Financial Assurance

  1. Encourage self-reliance and empowerment efforts of the corporate world, especially micro, small, and medium enterprises and cooperatives in the national economy;
  2. Improving access for the corporate world, especially micro, small, and medium businesses as well as cooperatives and other prospective efforts to source financing;
  3. Encourage the growth of financing and the creation of a business climate conducive to the improvement of strategic sectors of the economy;
  4. Increase the production capacity of the national competitive power is high and that has advantages for export
  5. Support the growth of the national economy; and
  6. Increasing the level of national financial inklusivitas.

Goals Of Makutha Cooperation

Of course, the presence of Makutha Cooperation is not without purpose. As for some of the fundamental things that become our goals, including:

Business Expansion

By diverting the risk to insurance companies, surely you will be more confident to offer goods/services to market to all of You who have never been before. Without any concern over the failure of payment.

Financial stability

Maybe you have experienced ketersendatan the payment from your buyer. We present to divert the problem so you avoid losses. At the same time, finance your business will be more stable.

Ease The Collateral

One of the constraints at the time of the filing of a non-cash loans (non-cash loan) was a collateral/collateral required by banks. We exist to help you ease the collateral required.