Financing Export Receivables insurance, also called Export Bill Insurance (EBI) is a type of insurance that can encourage parties to bolder banking provides financing of post shipment (Post-shipment Financing) to the exporter although the export is carried out with non-LC media. Through these products, exporters can meet the needs of working capital and cash flow. Export Bill Insurance provides protection to the bank that took over the (negotiations) Bill the customer export exporter against tort from overseas buyers caused the risk of commercial and/or political risks. This type of insurance is also intended to ensure the negotiations. Bill of export for export on the basis of money order:

  1. Usance LC from the issuing bank;
  2. Document Against Acceptance (D/A);
  3. Document Against Payment (D/P);
  4. Open Accounts (D/P)

Benefits Of Export Bill Insurance

  1. Exporters gain protection against the possibility of not tertagihnya a trade accounts receivable (accounts receivable) caused by commercial risks and political risks or;
  2. Help need liquidity (cash flow) of the company;
  3. Risk mitigation on behalf of banks to insurance companies; as well as the
  4. Optimize/improve the grant financing facility of non-LC to the customer.