Trade Credit insurance or Askredag also known as Trade Credit Insurance. Askredag provides indemnity to the seller against the possibility of the risk of loss due to no receipt of the entire payment/part from domestic buyers. Risks covered are losses caused by commercial risk. Objects that are covered are accounts receivable relating to the goods/services sold domestically with futures.

Trade Credit Insurance Benefits

  1. Increase sales improve competitiveness & seller because it can give you a quote that is more attractive to buyers because of the sense of security of transactions made against seller;
  2. Provide protection over the possibility of default (stabilization of the financial condition of the seller), in which the failure of the payment from the buyer is the risks that cannot be avoided by the seller; and
  3. Improve credit management.

With this insurance, the risk then we will turn to the insurance company so as to avoid the loss/seller financial disruptions; and